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Bump, bump

Someone ported Supercars III to Pandora console. This gave me the will to fix some annoying bugs & improve the game.

Here they are (I think most of the nasty/blocking bugs users reported are here)

- fixed: lap did not register sometimes in races 4 (medium) and 1 (hard)
- fixed: train proper collision (sometimes you passed through tail wagons unharmed)
- fixed: level 7 medium: added more resume points
- fixed (SEB): engine sound at race start (only worked when car had exploded once)
- fixed (SEB): turn in mid-air no longer possible
- fixed: crash on fadeout screen (did not occur back in 2007 )
- modified (with help of SEB): rear/front missile speed/acceleration
- fixed: lap did not register sometimes in races 4 (medium) and 1 (hard)
- fixed: crash when a parasite directory was found in car dirs
- modified: adapted damages to original SC2 values
- modified: adapted aggressivity from SC2 game (ex: level 2 of hard course was just impossible)
- modified: shop item prices (more faithful to original SC2 game)
- modified: ram probability of destroying opponent car
- modified: reduced nitro duration

I'll post another message when it's ready (got to be sure to fix this \r stuff)
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