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Originally Posted by fryguy View Post
Guess i'm doing something wrong. Im trying to install OS4.1 FE.
I can create partitions (although when i use the OS4 partition template i whines about the SWAP-partition being to small, but i make i larger manually). I then save and reboot.
And chooses to install and when i get to the part where i can format the partitions it won't find any.

If i start Media Toolbox again it says "Some drives have been either removed or added to your system. Do you want to update your disk configuration to reflect these changes?"

If i do that and click on the disk again it says "Some data on this disk has serious errors. Do you want to try to automatically correct these errors? Note that some errors might be too serious to be corrected!".

Does it work if you shut down (exit emulator completely) and start emulation after partitioning? (instead of only reseting)
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