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I've gotten APUS running nice now. Still only console based as nothing I do will allow X to start, something about the kernel scanning PCI first and thus never finding the RTG card. I also don't think the distro has a Cirrus driver.

I've installed a box with the same kernel and distro and managed to compile some stuff on the WinUAE side which worked on the box straight off. This considerably cuts down on the messing around I have to do at the development side. Ideally of course, compiling on the set-top-box itself would be best, but they have a very limited RAM, and storage is a small amount of flash ram, I can't even get the kernel headers on one and have enough room to do much else.

The absolute best solution would be to run an X session remotely. But I'm coming up against problems with the networking. The autoconfig of the network interface gives me as an IP, I'm assuming this is done by WinUAE and acting as a NAT bridge. The issue here is that the Windows side of things cannot connect to a service running on the emulator. I've resolved this by writing an app for each side that tunnels the connections with the emulator side pushing the connection. This is obviously something that few people will ever need to do, so including this functionality in WinUAE directly is probably something that you wouldn't want to do. Just a thought tho'

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