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IK+ in Retroplay's pack


This is a superb piece of software - thanks for creating it!

One small issue though:

When I try to play 'International Karate+' through AGLaunch (I have edited the I-guide to reflect my game paths and all my other games seem to work great), it states it cannot find the game and brings up an error message that it can't find the file it needs, which is a file with a '+' missing from the end:

DH1:/Games/I/International Karate+/International Karate

Yet when I look at the edited i-guide and check the filenames it searches for in the folder location, they are correctly named with a '+', but there is no file named 'International Karate' (without the plus symbol). What's the problem with the script?

Is it because it can't recognise the + symbol at the end of the game name to match the file it is searching for? Basically the script misses the + off the error line for some reason and this seems to break the execution of the code / game. I have attached an image to help.

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