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I've tried almost every permutation of configurations, A1200, A4000, A3000 with different HD controllers and they all seem to fail at the same point. Currently, I'm going to try a full OS3.1 install on the FFS partition and install the PPC stuff properly. Also going to install the Picasso drivers onto the OS3.1 and have the workbench in a picasso screen mode when I launch the bootstrapper, see if that changes anything,

TBH I haven't had so much fun for ages And great work on WinUAE 3 btw.

EDIT: From the tutorials I've seen elsewhere for installing APUS onto actual hardware it seems as though a working network adapter is required. Unfortunately, the APUS kernel used does not seem to support the A2065, although the bootstrapper does mention it will be reset on kernel startup. But the actual nix side doesn't recognize any installed network adapter. The readme in the bootstrapper archive is somewhat cryptic regarding the A2065 saying it's too 'plug and play'???. My exploration however continues.

EDIT 2: Solved the ethernet problem. Using the A2065 in SLIRP+NAT mode and appending the kernel option:
to the end of the bootstrap parameters seems to allow the kernel to see and configure the network. Unfortunately this hasn't fixed the install problem

EDIT 3: YAY! I've got it to start instaling the base system. I had to mount the cd and hdf on different controllers. It's in the process of installing now if it works I'll post a video of the whole process if any one is interested

EDIT 4: I've now installed it and got it to boot up to a shell. I'm still a long way from an X/KDE desktop environment, but so far it's promising.

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