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I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to another board where the steps are, but I can post the Debian links I believe as the distro is free to download.

CD Image

I can't really post the WinUAE config as I've tried a lot of options mostly with the same result. Mainly, I've used a 4000T/PPC/060 config. 2MB chip ram with 128 MB accelerator ram, cyberstorm 44.71 rom.

DVD/CD-ROM placed on A4000T scsi controller unit 1 with the distro CD iso mounted.

Picasso II+ RTG

For the hard drive I made a HDF of 2GB with the 4000T internal scsi controller unit 0. Using HDToolBox I split this into 3 partitions, a small one at the start for AmigaOS, a large one in the middle for APUS root and a medium size one at the end for swap space. The root and swap were given 0x45585432 and 0x53574150 partition type IDs respectively. Also changed max transfer on each partition from 0xffffff to 0xffff.

Formatted up the AmigaOS partition and placed a minimal install for the PPC card. Using PUP, all I did here was to copy the PPC test disk image
PPC Test Disk
Onto the hard drive and edited the startup-sequence to remove the menu. Also copied a few vital commands from a workbench disk like dir, list, delete etc..

Then copied bootstrap, ppcboot_pup into C: and copied the kernel image to vmlinuz in dh0: and root.bin to dh0: (SYS:).

Launched the installer with:
bootstrap --apus -k dh0:vmlinuz -r dh0:root.bin 60nsram nobats video=clgen:mode:1024x768-60

Then the installer appears, and breaks at the point I mentioned previously. I'm still experimenting atm. I've tried a lot of different configs with no luck so far. Weirdly, changing the resolution in the mode parameter seems to have no effect, turning off the amiga display with video=amifb:off seems to crash the emulator.

I have no real purpose for this to be honest. I'm just curious if I can get it to work. Having a "native" PPC bsd environment could be useful to me as I mess around with old obsolete PPC set top cable TV boxes, converting them to media players.
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