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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
The CD doesn't show up without it (automount cdfs enables it I think). I will do some further tests later see if I can figure it out.
You didn't follow guide (either one). You MUST use hardware HD and CD emulation (Accelerator board SCSI or IDE).

Originally Posted by Michael Sykes View Post
Picasso IV 1k free!!!
I hope that Toni or anyone else will have some flash of inspiration about that, soon.
Some sort of "improved" Picasso IV (or some other Cirrus Logic card) with >=16M VRAM can be done quite easily but it needs driver side support and I'll only do the emulation part if some developer who really knows what do to and has access to driver sources do the driver part.

(It would be much easier for me than uaegfx support. You do know that I am not interested in supporting PPC, especially if there is no use for m68k side at all. Another exception is big enough bounty. But note that I still won't do any PPC side driver programming, or any PPC programming! It is always someone else's problem.)

Although I think I know the answer I have to ask anyway.....
Can OS4 get access to a real 9200 in a real PCI slot from within WinUAE?
No. Not possible.
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