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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
Very nice, well done...

I found your deliberate error on page 22 for the score for "the settlers". Where's my prize I thought the scoring of Populous was a bit low, it was one of the few games that i actually kept going back to
Don't you go knocking Settlers... I love that game lol! I love it so much its all over the place! Man.. there is always something I miss! Will fix now... as for prize.. ummm *makes hasty exit*....

Yeah, I was really torn when reviewing Populous. When I first got it I too played it days on end, but as I do I revisit all games and found myself torn as to how to score it as there is the part of me in the past that would give it 90% plus, but looking at it now I have mixed feelings... maybe I was a bit harsh... I dont know. Could be a good game for a 'revisited' special to go back and re-evaluate

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