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WinUAE/PPC with APUS Linux

Hi all, I thought I'd give APUS Linux a bash and see if it'll install. I did manage to get to the installer although that was a chore, having to use a picasso II+ card and clgen video mode for it to even get to the installer, anything else and it just complains it can't recognize the display. It initialized the swap and linux ext3 partitions without any trouble, but then when it came to installing the system, the problems started. Using the CDROM image it complains it cannot mount the rescue.bin floppy image, then it totally screws up as it can't unmount whatever it tried to mount previously and the cd-rom becomes inaccessible. So I made an adf of the rescue disk by mounting the boot partiton (amiga ffs) which had rescue.bin copied onto it, creating a HD adf floppy image and selecting it in df0 and then using: cat /target/boot/rescue.bin > /dev/fd0 to dump the image onto the emulated floppy. This worked in so far as it did indeed create the floppy properly, but, when selected during the installation, WinUAE freezes and has to be terminated by task manager. I'm continuing to play with it to see if I can get any other results. So far I've tried a A4000T config with the cyberstorm ppc/060 accelerator and a A1200 config with the blizzard ppc/060 accelerator, both with the same results. I have yet to try it with warp however, so maybe that'll be different? Just wondered if anyone else has tried this yet, and if you've had better luck? Cheers Bolt

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