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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Its still available free,

I really don't understand all this fuss over it being removed from aminet.
Its like saying a music artist cant ask for their music to be removed from youtube after they allow it for years. Its up to them.
FOL: don't quote my post then in a reponse telling all you don't understand, because it indicates loud and clear you have not read my post.

I think I was clear: I find it odd, and it makes me uneasy about the motive - considering specifically that the free version has been removed to permit the free version to be made available elsewhere. Odd. Personal opinion nothing more. Your repeated argument is fine: If it's yours remove it if you want, completely entitled to, it just looks damn odd. Piece of cake for even the simplest of simpletons to comprehend.

Quote someone else's post if you want to claim certain of us are making no sense.
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