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WinUAE 'DF0: Unreadable'

I am using WinUAE and have Workbench3.9 installed.

When it boots up I have a disc icon labelled 'DF0: Unreadable' but I have not mounted any ADF's in the Floppy Drives or Disk Swapper tabs.

In the Harddrives tab I have 2 volumes for Workbench and Work, and the only boxes I have ticked are the 'Automount CD's' box and the 'Don't use recycle bin' box, all others are unticked.

After booting Workbench If I press F12 and try to mount an ADF into any of the floppy drives (DF0-DF3) it doesn't show up on the WB screen but I can boot from an ADF in DF0:.

Not sure if it is a problem with the WinUAE settings or with Workbench.

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