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Crash in WinUAE 3.0.0 debgger

Dear Toni,
I am playing with the debuger and managed to crash WinUAE :-(

I use Quickstart->Emulated Hardware->A1200 with a A1200 OS3.1 ROM. Nothing else.
Emulation starts, the Disk emulation Boot screen is shown.
I enter shift F12 for debugger and the w 0 f850f2 2 as I want to stop when the word from $f850f2 is read. I enter g and the disk animation continues. ok.
Now I enter CTRL Amiga-Amiga to reboot the Amiga. I expect the debugger to open as soon as f850f2 is accessed and that should happen during boot. But now WinUAE always crashes.

None of the three windows can be closed, taskmanager is needed.

Crash-Screenshot is

Dump file is

The issue is 100% reproduceable here.

COuld you have a look at it, please?

Kind regards
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