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Wonder if it would be possible within the emulation framework to report similar to CPU usage? That way, it would be understood that standard AOS usage would always report a low percentage, but when running a more FPU-intensive program then it would be obvious based on the percentage that the program itself was making good use of the FPU. Alternately, perhaps a threshold that's high enough to filter out system FPU usage but still be triggered when something more FPU-intensive is running. By FPU-intensive I mean like the countless '881 builds of popular software such as Imagine, VistaPro, etc.

Alternately, maybe it would be possible to use AOS-side software to do this? I know that some software can report CPU usage (I remember this feature from DOpus among others). Perhaps a small piece of AOS software could serve the same purpose? Also alternately, maybe even a combination of AOS software along with host-side code to present the information outside the emulated Amiga window (so that it would be present in the emulation window no matter which screen is frontmost, nor which windows are present on said screen).
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