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Originally Posted by Phantomz View Post
I'd like to see more Amiga coverage in Retro Gamer like I'm sure a lot of people on here do.

I'd love for Retro Gamer to release a book for the Amiga like they did for the Megadrive & SNES, I'm sure they could fill a whole book on just the amiga.

It could have information about all the different systems, all the top games and hardware that everyone wanted back then like gvp hard drives and action replay carts for example.

It could also include what's currently available now for us amiga users that refuse to let the system die like, ACA Accelerators, Indivision Scan Doublers, RapidRoad USB Controllers etc.

Just an idea.
This ^

I am also a monthly subscriber and would love to see more Amiga related articles.. As said previously, many people seem to think the MD or SNES we the be all and end all so leveling that playing field would be great..
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