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New Game: Love Dungeon V1.0 is out, Merry Xmas!

Love Dungeon is a simple arcade game about collecting Hearts against the clock
there is NO ADULT CONTENT in this game, just a suggestive title!

You can unlock Monsters to fight and extra game modes by beating the World Records
there are quite a few hidden features and easter eggs too


3/1/2015 NEW video showing how to beat world records, different game modes etc..
Have a look if you want to find out about the game!
[ Show youtube player ]


Love Dungeon on the web


NOTE: The game is single filed and will work from hard drive etc, just copy it over!

Standard v1.0 Build
ADF mirror

SPECIAL BUILD (Made for a forum members 4 year old daughter)
Timer slowed down to 5 minutes per level
All Secrets Unlocked
All High Scores set to 0
Little greeting to her on title screen
ADF + EXE [zipped]


Works on all Amigas, Real, Emulated, PAL or NTSC.

Please read the .txt included within the archives for further information.


If you have ANY comments, good, bad or ugly please post them here

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