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Originally Posted by tero View Post
WinUAE crash/freeze when i try to compile sources with AmiBlitz.

Log says 'JIT: Can't handle access'. With JIT off it says 'CPU halted: reason = 3'
Both freeze winuae in the same moment.
Sounds like common Amiga-side problem of too small stack size. Running "stack 100000" before running crashing program should help.

(HALT shouldn't freeze it, only waits for reset. HALT = CPU stopped due to double fault)

EDIT: In 2.8.1 a guru (8000 000A) is shown. This is correct in this case
I don't think so. Your memory layout is now different (Z3 RAM in official location, this is now preferred if possible since 3.0, reduces problems with PPC operating systems. You switch to old mode by setting memory panel Z3 mapping to UAE)
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