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Not enough time

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I would hope a Zeus would be cheaper than a 3D printer!

Seriously though, now that I have a vested interest I'm only just beginning to understand the shortcomings of the CDTV when it comes to being utilised as an A500 system.

Does the Zeus provide a panacea to my CDTV expansion woes? Will it give me my ultimate living room Amiga? (the only spouse friendly lounge Amiga due to it's Hi-fi camouflage)

When I buy any stock Amiga (that I wasn't privileged to own back in the day) I feel like it will satisfy some void. When it arrives I feel instantly compelled to spend lots of money upgrading it.

I can't tell you how much I value the wisdom of the stoic Amiga community, to help me make the best decisions.

Crazy hobby!

A500+ or CDTV?
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