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VERY eyebrow raising...

I want to add here I am in full support of both Amigakit and Cloanto, I have gladly paid for the Amiga Forever rehashes over and over for many years, and bought insanely priced hardware from Amigakit for slightly fewer years with much pleasure that they're there selling stuff for my ancient computer. More power to Amigakit for picking up the product from Cloanto and I wish them every success possible in this regard.

However I must say the forced removal from Aminet is at least odd. Amongst many thoughts: if the software is being given away still anyway what's the point? I'd still have argument against the removal if it was not being given away - but it is.

Unfortunately the market has been full of dodgy practice for many years so anyone that's left here is hyper-aware. Aminet is a well trusted old-time resource. Maybe few do use it any more, but its reputation proceeds it. Removing it from such a resource strikes me as very very odd.

Stick it back on Aminet, Amigakit. Update it with a version that promotes the new one if that's your problem. If that's not your problem, come clean about what the problem is ASAP. Seriously. You need all the power you can garner to succeed in this tiny market and the (big, small, who really knows?) amount of negative press this is getting isn't worth it.
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