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Install programs on WinUAE

I recently bought my very first amiga (A1200), and now I'm finding a way to transfer drivers and games to it.
I've installed WinUAE, and now I'd like to install MakeCD on WinUAE so I can burn CDs to use on my amiga.
But what's the best way of doing this? I downloaded MakeCD but I'm not sure how to install it on the amiga emulator.

Edit: Found out how it worked, I successfully installed MakeCD now
But now I have a different problem, I'm trying to get WHDLoad to work on WinUAE, but the installer doesn't work.
For some reason half of the files/folders are gone that the installer needs to use.
Here's a screenshot with the folder I'm using in WinUAE and how it looks in WinUAE.

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