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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
This is useless. (Repeatable? Happens with last official and so on..)
I would not say useless, but hopeless.

It happens, not every time, but sometimes.

I do not know exactly which of the versions it started, but not so long ago.

Tested in last beta. (But isnt that info visible in winuaelog.txt !?)
In last official it works fine.
Maybe to check/find in what beta it started exactly, if that might be of help.

winuae_2900b13.exe (2014-08-20)(OK)
winuae_2900b14.exe (2014-09-01)(broken)

I tested it with open Log window, and after saving a picture and clicking on OK button, in beta14 it starts to write "D3D9: texture already locked!".
Will it be enough or...!?

Perhaps a change in this could be the cause of the problem:
- Screenshot with D3D shader filter + take screenshot before filtering ticked saved final D3D output, not original unfiltered buffer.
...because before these changes were working normally!? (no problems after saving picture and returning back into a program)

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Sorry but you need to follow proper bug reporting when it is not about non-working demos.
Sorry but if I were you I would not have insisted too much about some sort of rules ... but would be happy to that in general there is any report.

So as to the rules... (I would not want to be rude.)

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