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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
untick "CIA TOD Bug" in Advanced chipset as a workaround.
For me this is new information!

At the time when I tested the demo "MadeInCroatia", bug that I reported was regarding some graphical errors, and WinUAE had by default in the Advanced Chipset the "CIA TOD Bug" set to OFF... and in later versions is become again set to ON by default.

To me at the time was only known that for eg. the demo "The End by trilobite" has problems if this option is not set to ON!

Now several questions bothering me:

How likely each A500 has the "CIA TOD bug", whether listed demo "MadeInCroatia" and "The End by trilobite" have problems when run on a real Amiga 500?

Is there a list of program code that is need to have that option turned off to work properly in WinUAE? (Can such a list be inserted into WinUAE doc. file?)

Would it not be possible on the basis of these lists in detail to study / analyze this problem? (ie. why is the WinUAE at all necessary to have that option when the actual Amiga do not need it)

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