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I picked up one of those huge AT tower cases at a computer show for about $15, and followed an online guide to put an A4000D in there.

I had to dremel a large chunk out of the back, and I had to take a few parts from the original desktop (the motherboard connector, the metal bit where you screw the zorro slots in, and the bar that run on top of the zorro card. There are three buttons on the case. A power button, a turbo button and a reset button. The turbo button was perfect for a PAL/NTSC switcher, but the reset button is currently useless (unless anyone has an idea? ).
Right now I'm hoping that if I get a mediator card, I will be able to fit it in my tower case, since there's no way in hell I'm spending some unGodly sum of money on the cases being sold by Software Hut. I'll buy a bunch of legos if I have to! :P
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