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Originally Posted by Ratte View Post
I think it is not only a uaegfx.card problem!
This memory-area ($00F0.0000 - $00F7.FFFF) could be r/w-protected by os4 (Just like most other memareas).
I never said that it would have to use that region. It can be normal Z2 (or even Z3) autoconfig board.

With such a granted access the old driver should work out of the box.
No, 100% impossible. This was already discussed (possibly in some other thread): It can only work if UAE m68k emulator runs this code. It does the internal "task switching" from uae side to native, it has special case for those weird traps and so on.

Other m68k emulator would only see normal trap instruction and emulate (or possibly decide that running program is broken) and jump to default OS trap handler. The end.

It needs complete rewrite.
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