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I wasn't aware that mcpramlibpatch is needed, so I added that as well. I already had StackAttack used with the setting of 32KBytes in my startup-sequence.

After that I run another set of tests.

MUI 4:
- MCPPrefs fails to open, message "The MUI-Generation failed!"
- AmiTradeCenter crashes immediately, "Line 1111 emulator error"
- A few other MUI apps I tried seem to work, like MiamiDX and Luciferin for example.

MUI 3.9R3
- Exactly the same results as above with MUI 4.

MUI 3.8
- None of the above problems occur.

To switch between the different versions, I kept 3 folder names in my system: MUI38, MUI39, MUI4. The Assign of MUI: points to a folder named "MUI", so I would simply rename the folder of the version to test each time to MUI and reboot. No other changes were made to the system while testing and I always followed the same steps.

Let me know if I can provide any more information that would be useful in troubleshooting this. Or should I head over to the ticket system and report it as a bug you think?
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