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Question WinUAE and SCSI tape drive

I have a question, I tried to search the message base but couldn't find thorough informations about it, so I'm posting here - hopefully it's the right place :-)

Ok, here's the situation: I have an old backup of my Amiga files on a 8mm TAPE and would like to try to read it :-)

Assuming that I can get hold of the SCSI tape drive (it's an Exabyte) and I connect it to my PC's Adaptec 2904 SCSI controller, would I be able to access it under WinUAE and read the tape backup from the Amiga side? Would tools like Amiback or Diavolo Backup (don't remember which one I used) be able to read it?

As I have to *buy* the tape drive (and I would use it just for this...) I want to be sure that what I want to do *is* actually possible.

Thanks in advance

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