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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Skip Intro (Intro) by Awesome & D-Tect & Vanish ->

A500 OCS (most common) problem in OCS!

winuae 2.7.1beta4 (2014.01.18) OK in OCS!
winuae 2.7.1beta5 (2014.02.02) broken in OCS!

p.s. The demo was released a few days ago on Kestra BitWorld demobase! (and test it just a few minutes ago!)
It is 99.999% demo bug if OCS has sprite problems 2710b5+. (It is first version that emulated this undocumented OCS/ECS sprite fetch behavior with overscan)

Not going to switch back to OCS Agnus today, don't want to break Agnus socket too soon

EDIT: A1000 tested, confirmed but corruption is a bit more colorful (flickering yellow color also appears in corrupted part) which means SPRxDATB can get changed (with something unknown) even when DMA is inhibited due to bitplane DMA.

EDIT2: A500 OCS (8371) tested, too strange to not test: same glitch but yellow (DATB contents) part is slightly different than on A1000. Most likely difference is Denise, my test A500 has ECS Denise. (Denise contains sprite data registers), not Agnus. Anyway, not that important because this can be only used to create garbage

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