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Originally Posted by Ultron View Post
weirdos who can barely speak english yammer about new "amiga" hardware in two more weeks?
Not everyone is English native, in fact English is native for approx only 360mln people - quite curious how many of native English people can speak just barely in different than English language.

But skip this part...

As You are 39 year old You should be able to behave like adult, mature person not spoiled kid.

Side to this FYI - this kind of project are expensive and big - as Amiga community is small it is clear that it is very difficult to make big profit on Amiga products (probably most of Amiga companies are barely able to not lose money - Ask Jens about his private yachts ).

It is common that those projects are long with high risk of failure - even today with low prices for electronic technology (yes, for last 30 years availability for decent cheap EDA tools and cheap components) made possible for amateur to have hobby like this even with this kind of designs.

I assume that financial support will be appreciated - You can offer money donation - i assume few 10k E will speed up design process.


Sorry for my English, not native, self learned.
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