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If you want to transfer your games to the real A1200 then I would recommend for you to do this way:

1. Install Compact flash driver on your A1200
2. format you Cf card to FAT16 / 32
3. Copy your LHA files to the card
4. Using the PCMCIA adapter insert the CF card into A1200
5. If drivers are correctly installed, CF icon should show up on desktop.
6. Open the CF card drawer
7. Do show all files
8. You got plenty of RAM, so we can decompress the files to RAM:
9. Double click on the LHA file and in the Execute command window type:
LHA x -x filename.lha RAM:
10. Your files should be in RAM: disk, copy then to your HD.

Instead RAM: you could do DH0: if you want.

This ALWAYS works for me.
I don't use WinUAE to transfer any files, just do it directly.
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