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new user struggling

Ok, I have an A1200, which I upgraded with a 32meg 40mhz accelerator and 4gb cf card as HD and kickstart 3.1
I have amiga forever 2014 on my pc - so I have winuae and roms
Card has a registered whdload 17.0 installed, along with other stuff I put on there, such as grabkick, relokick, dopus and disksalv.

Now I've been at this for a few weeks now and struggling to get games transferred onto my hard drive. I open winuae, check my rom is ok, add fast ram, add the cf card as a HD and select the games file folder (where I have 120 ish whdload games) - labelling it as stuff. Everything boots up.

Now this is where it all goes wrong. I really don't understand amigados commands, despite my best efforts, but the only command that works for me is
cd stuff:
lha e -x <name>.lha

This extracts the game in my 'stuff' file and want it to sit in DH1 - that is the first problem. The second is that when I drag the file out of games straight into DH1 it takes around 7-8 minutes and corrupts everything -that is the DH1 file becomes unreadable, or suddenly becomes NDOS, or corrupts workbench, it just messes things up.

I have swopped the card between my pc card reader so many times now, something is gonna break. I do this because my A1200 reads the card way better than winuae does and will actually let me format the partitions.

I am clearly doing something wrong and very close to selling up. I just want to play some games, how can it be so hard?
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