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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Beta 25:
- Map Chip RAM mirror at 0x01000000 in A2620/A2630 config, to prevent A26x0 built-in monitor program detecting huge ram expansion at 0x01000000.
Could that be removed now you added 24-bit addressing support for 68030? The user might want to manually add non-AutoConfig memory from 0x01000000 to 0x07FFFFFF, representing a fully-populated DKB 2632 board. Of course if they do that the A2630 monitor will mis-detect a RAM expansion again, unless you feel like adding a special 27-bit addressing setting just for completeness.

Edit: I guess it's not possible to use addmem1/addmem2 to add a 112MB memory region, since the size has to be a power of 2?

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