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I think the hints disappearing only happens after the sprite bug, looks like something is writing to the wrong area of memory, causing corruption.

Do you know what causes the sprite bug, I'm trying to track it down so I can fix it!

Sound test duplication is expected, I will remove dupes before release.

Mm pushing right to select sound test would mean pushing up and down to select new sound. Mmmm let me think about that one!.

Yeah fighting the monster should give the game a bit more longevity.

You will start with 3 levels like now

1st world record you get will unlock sound test

2nd will unlock monster mode.

3rd will unlock 3 new maps

So that's 6 totally separate maps.. With monster mode that's 12 different scores to go for, more than enough for a little game like this!

Tell me about your game before the sprite bug appeared please. Did you change options, did you use the rage quit button? Did you fight before timing out on a level. If I can reproduce when it happens, much easier to fix it. I'm bug hunting now!

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