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Type Motion Art exhibition in Liverpool features demos

This exhibition is about all manner of moving text, but thanks to Daniel Botz these exhibitions (previously in Karlsruhe Museum of Modern Art and next in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts) have a demoscene section showing - scrollers

Here's the exhibition homepage and FACT's Facebook page in case you live nearby and want to impress your near and dear ones with your knowledge of contemporary art

The exhibition shows C64, Mac, Linux, and Windows demos, among the Amiga demos shown are:

Cryptoburners | Hunt for 7th October | NO 1990
Northstar & Fairlight | Megademo 3 (Scrolly 2) | SE 1989
Phenomena | ScrewBalls (aka Corkscrew) | SE 1990
Sanity | Elysium – The Search for Anarchy | DE 1991
Scoopex | Mental Hangover | FI 1990
Vision | Megademo 2 (Part 2) | NL 1989
Vision | Can't Be | NL 1991

The exhibition is open now and until Feb 8, 2015.
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