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Originally Posted by ovale View Post
with my post I also wanted to convey my concerns about the possible delay of the release if the graphics have to be redone.
Comments about this aspect?
This is a good point. As I've said before about reworking some of the early stages, the last thing I want to do now is crawl over the early work and map everything again.
A palette change is different - so long as the indexes used for the backdrops and characters remains consistent, otherwise changing a few indexed colours isn't such a big deal. Re-working all the detail would involve re-mapping everything.

I think at this time there is no need for that - we must move onward!

Now not everybody is going to agree on what gfx are best, but the main thing for me is that they done, and they get done well within the limitations.
I need and appreciate all the help I can get. There is plenty to do without this thread becoming a drama over one pic. And Turri, my comments earlier were intended reflect that more than anything else. You should know by now that you've earned my respect over the time worked on this.

In the end someone has to make a decision.

@ Hewitson: This disappointment is something that I too had to get over. Now I'm not saying a (much more experienced) programmer couldn't do it in more colours, but it always seems to me that expectations were raised quite unrealistically for what AGA is capable of. Let's remember here that the blitter is the same as in the A500 (correct me if I'm wrong). The target machine here is 030 and fast RAM - (vanilla AGA minimum), and whilst there is compatibility for ECS it is not the priority. There is a bit more to AGA than some extra colours you know - those fetch modes (and this is using 32 bit) really give it a whizz...
In any case - this version certainly won't work on anything less than AGA at present, so the name of the thread isn't really a misnomer.

Do you want a fast arcade game or a nice colourful picture? As a fan of the old arcade games I've gone for the best compromise I am presently capable of. And still at only 25 fps...

@Raislin: This palette is using several hues adapted from the dawnbringer32 palette, but we'll see how much more we can squeeze out of it
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