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Creosote said it.. the games you "grow up" with are the ones that goes retro...

For 3d, STUN runner (arcade) already is retro marked for me.. and its older then much of the amiga stuff.

Along the same lines I believe that the first good game you play in a genre is the one that gets the retro mark. Once you've played enough games and you start noticing reuse of ideas, the game that had that idea first is the game becomes the retro game eventually.

I see how ppl swear by the genius of lode runner or frogger… or the great playability of this and that MSX game…
to me they are just annoying. I never owned the system, and for all those games I can pick a better one on “my” system.

GODS is as good as it can get in platform puzzler for me, and my kid brother would whip out a copy of castelavania Bloodlines on PSX and laugh..
Castel does everything better, but for me it hasn’t got that “feeling”.. I’ve played it all before. In the same perspective Lode runner may be recognized for being the first platform puzzler, and bloodlines the best.. GODS was just some crap along the way for all my bro would care.
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