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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Well, welcome Steve

What i can say, from here, is that final fight original arcade game use a truckload colors to be converted correctly in 32 colors. R. Aplin had troubles with this on the A500 version. The best compromise is 64 colors and A1200 for the processing power. The 500 even with 2mb of chip is underpowered if you want to do colors+animations+music+sound.

I remark however that you are VERY talented, guy has never looked so good until now.

I have already extracted from the CPS1 game code and tiles some enemies sprites frames (i think leathered should have sent them to you).

guy and haggar use something like 80 sprites frames, Damned is 37-42 frames, Edi.e 42 frames, and lately i was on G.Oriber and cousins sprites, which are totalizing a big 63 frames each.

My only problem is that making the tiles words and the actual sprites tiles is SO time consuming because i have no tool to do this

I can't actually spend 8 hours a days per enemy sprite type (not kidding, i must crawl in Final Fight ASM code, find the tiles word VRAM codes, and then the right palette, and build the sprites frames from tiles.
Thanks for you're comment and i really appreciate you like my work on "GUY".

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