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^^ I couldn't get either version of that disc to boot on FS-UAE? I tried a virtual CD32, A1200, and A4000 and none worked. Do I need to do anything special?

I definitely want to run SoundStudio though! I'll look into upgrading the Kickstart, but I don't have an eeprom burner (or really any tools for that matter, just moved house.) Octamed 4.00 should work on 1.3 though for now...

I think my floppy drives are dying (they both sound like that.) Guessing this is not a quick-fix... Is it possible to wire up this USB floppy emulator as an *external* drive for my system? (i.e. DB25 cable) That would be super convenient.

Does anyone know if Kipper2k's RAM upgrade board will allow the lid to close when fitted? Doesn't look like there's a lot of room between the CPU & the top of the case.

I'm also interested in doing a full PAL conversion to my NTSC machine - if that's possible on a CDTV...
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