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Originally Posted by Steve T View Post
we're working to improve the neutral spread (greys), so we can make everything warmer and more subtle. I find the comments about how it wont fit with other graphics spurious, particularly the character graphics, but from what i've seen, all the graphics need more work. I haven't posted any mockups yet and won't until the palette is fixed so don't judge something you haven't seen.

Its never going look exactly like the arcade anyway with only 32 cols, (yes there's a lot of grey but there's also a lot of colour) so say what you like and make comments about ST conversions if you want.(Wow, thats pretty low dude) But as you will eventually see once the other elements are in it looks far more in-place in my image than in other versions.
Ok. Cool. Let's wait until you have more to show. It's really cool that this project exists to begin with.
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