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Originally Posted by jimmy2x2x View Post
Beta 4 is in the ZONE.

I have put in a proper options screen, rage quit key, some bug fixes.
No bugs, in options screen

I like the new name entry screen, and the 2nd default names you get when you hit "reset times" (in options screen).

Originally Posted by jimmy2x2x View Post
Border should flash when a key is pressed, not reliable here at the moment.
No flash, but when I press any keyboard key (in WinUAE) the border colour changes colour, pressing multiple times cycles the colour.

Observations (you can call them bugs if you like):

- when resetting times, you also reset WR to 00 (instead of default WR's) - is this intentional?
- counter on main menu (bottom-left corner). Not sure of it's purpose, but don't forget to remove from final version.
- you state "BETA THREE" at bottom of main menu - it's beta 4!
- I left WinUAE to type this reply out (I pause WinUAE by pressing F12, which opens the WinUAE menu) went back in to play more of your game and the border was doing something funky (see attached picture). I normally only see something like that is when some decryption code is running!
Major bug: I couldn't get the border to go back to normal, so quit your game. Border went back to normal workbench colour, but on trying to run Beta4 again workbench froze. It seems to only occur if I try to replay the game straight away.
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