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I will never have any hard feeling about you steve t, you did a great job but really i can't like a pic when there is so much dithering... Like you see i integrated many of your work in mine but i don't like too much dithering that's all. It's not my ego, if Leathered remember well, i always said him that i didn't like too much dithering. a little bit yes, so much no.
But it doesn't take anything about your great graphics, i like what you did but with less dithering. It's really just a question of taste nothing personnal and nothing about my ego, be sure of this.
You did a great job, be proud of it.

Be sure that my only goal is to have the best graphics, but i'm still thinking that too much dithering is too much. It's my pov and i can have this one.
Believe me when i said that there is nothing personnal.
I read your message after I did all theses posts, i won't work against you or steve t.
If you prefer dethering ok, as you want but i won't agree on this part from what i see for the moment, i really prefer the mix than the full dither gfx, i can give my pov and i will like usual.
Originally Posted by leathered View Post
Steve: Well I'll just say this; getting graphics like this is like getting free therapy (and yes, I should know). The fact that you're able to consider things like the luminance etc. is just the kind of thing lacking from my amateur pov.
Thanks for your input on this and for the new palettes to take home and check over the stuff with.

Turrican3: I've told you already in email that this is going over to Steve - so don't greatly appreciate what you're trying to do here. It's better than the first gfx you sent, but loses the great detail and effort put in by a professional – work that I feel lucky to have!
Steve gets the job on this one. That's not to detract from the volume of work you've done, not to mention the enthusiasm you've put in.
You are also great personnel recruiter – contributing to getting others on board, but you can be a public relations nightmare!
Graphics are always subjective, but I can't help but feel your subjectivity is being adversely affected by your involvement – in other words, your ego is having a hard time with it this time dude.
You have improved as a gfx artist, and will with all the effort you're putting in continue to do so.
I hope you can realise the accomplishment of Steve and also your part in creating that possibility.
In any case, let this one go and help bring something else to life!

PS; WTF happened to Guy in the last pic? Your version looks like this!

EDIT: My bad over Guy, poxy phone again!

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