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As Leathered said, we are looking into some palette changes to brighten up the whole thing, I've made some suggestions, as you can see in those above pics that Turrican3 has posted tonight, there's a real lack of warmth in the greys which are too greeny/olive and its all a bit lacking in primaries, compared to what I posted on the previous page, arcade games should have plenty of vivid colour (generally without being psychedelic)and warmth... Hopefully what I've done with the graphic adds some of that.

The only way I could add primaries and warm the greys was by changing the free pallete, this meant that a few tones from the fixed palette weren't used at all, or very little because they just didn't fit, or were too close to another tone in the fixed pallete... So we're trying to make the fixed palette broader, more useful & attractive, while keeping it from breaking all the graphics work done so far.

I think there might be just 30 different tones in my image.

So hopefully *if* that works out I'm going to be able to put a few more tones in my bonus round background to help it all stick together better - though I think it works OK as is - it won't look drastically different and the interpolation *will* be staying, but it will be smoother.

I think Guy will look even better with the new palette.

I appreciate your efforts Turrican3, without you I wouldn't have been able to do this, I hope there will be no hard feelings if occasionally some of my work is used in place of your own.

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