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I'm not sure what you mean totally, this has the exact same number of colours - 32 - this was started from your version (as i think we talked about over email)... The one with the clouds - I was going to put the clouds back in (as that was all i was going to do, originally, just blend the clouds lol) but the rest took so long i reverted it back to a plain blue sky, but hey at least there's no dithering on that part

Honestly it quickly got out of hand, I didn't set out to redo anything, but suddenly I was hip-deep in someone elses pixels... Who's pixels they were, I don't entirely know really, but some were yours! I know as an artist i don't really like people editing my work... I hope that doesn't cause offense.

I'm really pleased with the comments and praise for this single image so far, but no one should forget how hard Turrican has worked and continues to work on this game, which can be a thankless task at times... Thanks man, I'd never be able to make as solid a contribution as you have, and I'm really looking forward to seeing your continuing work on the game.
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