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yes it is meant to be viewed on low-res CRT Even so dithering is not for everyone, but I feel with the limited palette, its the lesser of two evils. Like i said, its not perfect... I may try and improve some of the patterns, sometimes it may need to 'rest' a little more on a single tone before dithering into the next, but mostly i'm pretty happy with it.

Tomcat, Turrican, thanks for the comments

It was much easier to work on to base this on the files that Turrican provided to me, than starting from scratch, but even so it took me about 16 hours to complete all the rework, I basically started and worked constantly on it for the past day or so. I should really be working on my commissioned projects, oh well

Looking at it on EAB, Does it look like the skyscraper is under construction or on fire?
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