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The slider won't move if Point/Bilinear is selected. I can change the ratios in the box next to it.

If I select "No Scaling" with the display set to "Native", I get an oversized control box when I push F12. The box won't move as I move the cursor and I can't get to the bottom of it which has the main control buttons. If I select the same resolution as the Amiga, I get the same screen but it moves with the cursor. The problem with this configuration is changing Amiga screen modes within the emulation. I have to change the display tab to match the Amiga resolution for RTG modes.

If I don't have DirectX updated and the emulation goes into Direct Draw, I get a small sized control box that is at the native resolution of the host computer. In this case I have "default" selected instead of "No Scaling"

In all three cases, the resulting display is visually the same.
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