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I have tried installing Amikit8 WinUAE version on a partition on my real Amiga hdd.

After deleting the UAE monitor driver, copied CVisionPPC monitor driver and Cybergraphics libs and env variables. I was able to boot into Amikit8 on my A4000T. But it kept locking up and I couldn't do anything with it.

Disabling AFAOS cured the locks. There must be a component that is causing these locks. I can not even open afaprefs to try and disable antialiased fonts for example to see if performance improves) (I guess it reverted back to VisualPrefs, TitleShadow and Birdie after disabling afaos from startup-sequence.) But it also broke the MUI4 colours!
So Is AFAOS a requirement for proper MUI4 operation? I guess I will need to edit colours using VisualPrefs and FullPalette one by one. I have no idea what I'm doing though :P

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