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Well forgive my typo there BURSEG, I'm at work and was in a hurry. We can't all reach YOUR standard of perfection.

I have a life thanks... quite a good one. I don't need to call people names or make snide remarks to get my kicks. So perhaps you should rethink your position. And of course, although I wouldn't waste my time and money coming specifically to see you, I'm planning to tour much of Europe, parts of South America and Asia either later this year or early next, depending on work commitments. Send me an email with some details and I'll gladly pay you a visit to the 'friendly neighbourhood turk'... although personally I think you're the turkey around here.

You're loud, arrogant, rude and above all... you're quite pathetic. Take it somewhere else little man. Perhaps the local primary school will be more your sort of level.
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