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Originally Posted by Ami_GFX View Post
This is interesting. I updated DirectX and it cured the problem of the small screen at boot but it had other effects. I have been testing in three different installations in Vista and Xp. In Vista, I had to tweak things a bit but it is an improvement and I can choose between Direct Draw and Direct 3D. For looking like a real Amiga, I prefer Direct Draw. The scaling in Direct 3D makes for jagged fonts that don't look quite like my real A4000 in an LCD display. In Xp, once I update DirectX, I am forced to use Direct 3D regardless of what the configuration file says. I had to restore the old version of Direct X to be able to use Direct Draw.
Enable bilinear filtering (in Filter panel). D3D has it optional, DD forces it (for some stupid reason). Or use some D3D shader filter.

D3D is the only one available when using RTG hardware emulation, you only got DD accidentally because you didn't have working D3D.

More advanced emulated hardware options: need to use more advanced other options too

Updating DirectX has had no effect on the black screen in OS4 after launching Imagemaster.
This could be caused by VRAM limit. You probably used higher resolution&color depth vs your real hardware.

Originally Posted by Ryrynz View Post
Not to criticize the dev process at all, but given that this started in July, wouldn't releasing a 2.8.2 version have been a good idea? Maybe 2.8.1 was stable enough?
Yes, that was the original plan but accelerator board, especially PPC support, appeared out of thin air during summer and leaving them half-finished would have not have worked.

2.8.1 didn't have any major bugs fortunately.

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