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Just a note to those waiting for the physical releases of the DVD and Special Editions on Discs:

Without going into all the detail, the Masters have been shipped to Sony; who are pressing the DVDs right now, and they expect to get the first shipment by the middle of december. I still feel a bit guilty advertising a product which is only available in digital form, but I will begin to advertise the DVD as they are hoping to have shipment dates by Wednesday this week. I'll look out for the newsletter. In the meantime, here are the highlights from the last one.

As you know we finished and uploaded the digital version of the film and all its special features on 3rd October. From that moment on the project has been with the authoring house Premier Communications. The authoring phase of the project has taken longer than originally estimated due to the complexity of some of the component assets such as 6 subtitle tracks, audio commentary, DTS surround audio etc as well as the build up to Christmas where everyone else is also trying to get their products out therefore making the authoring house and replicators very busy.

However we delayed this newsletter until today as two days ago the check discs were finally signed off by us, and the DVDís and Blu-rayís are currently now with Sony being manufactured and packaged right now and are due to be dispatched to us mid-December. As soon as they arrive to us they will be mailed out to everyone without delay, the packets will be ready and addressed all prepared to go out. The key for us is they will be out to you before Christmas, we had no intention of cutting it as fine as this but Nicola and I have spent 2 and a half years making this film, it is all we have done and we took this final mastering stage as seriously as every other aspect of the project and worked closely with the authoring house, Premier Communications in London who are one of the best in the world to ensure every part of the picture and sound encoding, the authoring and all menu artwork and packaging were as good as they could be. Hopefully when you see the end result you will agree it was worth all of the effort.

We can at all times only do our best, the production of this film like perhaps life in general (when youíre trying to achieve something) it is a series of hurdles thrown at you to leap over. You try to plan and predict them as best you can but sometimes, certainly with creative and complex technical projects things can raise their heads. There was also a couple of times in recent weeks when something just didnít look or sound as good as it could be and we had to make decisions to work with the authoring house to redesign something. No one failed or didnít do their best, but in a creative environment sometimes you canít really tell until itís there in front of you. In the end we are really pleased with the level of design, picture and sound of not only the film but right across those discs and we have to say a massive thank you to Steve Hunt, Lawrence Francis and all the team at Premier PR for a total professional top job!

We know from your emails that many of you have been really interested in every element of the film production and enjoy it when we go into details, however in this instance the last 8 weeks have been incredibly intensive and time consuming, ranging from endless form filling in to supervision of all the encoded visual and audio assets (menus, sound design, covers, packaging etc) but the truth of the matter is sitting here typing this today weíre a little shattered. Now that Sony DADC finally have those masters and are making all the units we donít even want to think about the last few weeks, at least not until the next newsletter.

The next newsletter Ďwillí come out next week, most likely by Wednesday in fact as we need to sort out once and for all addresses, perks, T-shirts, CDís, posters and all the other things that will give us back our spare room.

There are two upcoming screenings of the film coming up, in Nottingham Broadway Cinema at 6pm on the 9th December, with an intro and quiz straight after with the very fine Paul Drury of Retro Gamer fame, tickets available here;

Also there is a screening in Sheffield at the fantastic Showcase Cinema on the 12th December at 10am here;, yes at 10am you can still taste the toothpaste in your mouth but this is british video games on the big screen at cinema's with the foresight to reach out to us because they think people such as yourselves would like to see the film at a cinema. When these screenings are over they are over and at least you can go, sit with your feet up, chew on a packet of Toffos (remember them?) point at the screen and say 'I helped make that!' It really is something to see on the big screen so please support these cinemas if you can.

Oh yes I almost forgot to mention, some of you may have seen Nicola and I on the BBC 1 Breakfast sofa last Sunday morning talking about both the film and a collection of classic computers and games on the table in front of us. We only got asked the day before if we could come in by a BBC producer who had discovered the film and wanted us to come in and talk about it. It still feels like a surreal dream that it even happened, but it did and the presenters asked us some really decent questions as well. We tried to not make the interview about us but about the fantastic people and achievements of the British Games Industry and the presenters responded in kind. We are just documenting their hard work, graft, pain and importantly joy. It still seems that the general public still know very little about the story, that is why we need to make any press about the story and not about us.

You can watch the interview here;
[ Show youtube player ]

However what we can also add about our experience at the BBC that morning is that when those computers were laid out on the table all morning (before and after as we were on the sofa twice) people kept walking over (BBC Tech staff, politicians and celebrity guests etc) and going all wide eyed, slack jawed and saying Ďaahhhhhí and then nostalgically running their fingers over those computers and pressing the keys (interesting itís always the red keys of the BBC Micro when they see a BBC) and it proved to us how just the images of those very simple machines can resonate so deeply into our childhoods.

Until next week!

Best wishes,

Ant & Nic
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