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Decompress a large set of disk images

Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
Yesterday I needed to decompress all my C64 files to be able to load them in VICE, the C64 emulator, that cant open zipped files with brackets in the name. For this I created a little MS-DOS script (batch file), and it executed the 7Z console command with each of the zip files in my folders. Apparently it worked well, but at the end, the quick executions of the 7Z.EXE console command in sequence, generated a big memory exhaustion. The first program to behave badly with the low memory was 7Z, that stopped working, albeit there wasnt no crash, but I decided to delete the C64 folders and copy everything again, I wasnt entirely secure if 7Z.EXE did a good job.

I want to see, if you guys come with another way to make this job easier, to compress and uncompress everything in separate files, preferably a free option, and that works better with Windows than with my solution


You method is fine, batch script, windows shell script whatever. Just generate a log file so you can see if there are any errors. Pretty easy to verify anyway you should have as many input files as output files. Also really this shouldn't be a chore for any recent pc/windows machine, i had it do similar for thousands of files with no issues.
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