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What would explain SND going negative and continuing to go negative until about (negative) 40-41% and staying there?

If I run Cinemaware Wings (coincidental test case) with latest beta or release, this happens, and is particularly pronounced with sound autoswitching disabled (just to see if it happens faster, and indeed, it does).

Granted, the machine in question isn't exactly a powerhouse (Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit with 4GB RAM and a Pentium N3530), but CPU percentages tend to stay around 60% on average, and this is a rather light workload to be throwing at it (I think!).

EDIT: Yay, I made it before Toni crystal-balled me! *LOL* The 3D performance of the N3530 is _astoundingly_ bad...switching to DirectDraw worked, but not in full-screen (the machine *tanked* then)...but DD with full window worked like a charm! Stupid "3D" in Intel chipsets... :P


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