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Originally Posted by Ashesman View Post
I am using a HD scart to hdmi has 5 video modes 800x600,1024x768,1280x1024,720p,1080p and will switch 50hz or 60hz video.
about $55 + build or buy scart to amiga cable.
deinterlace video flawless at pal/ntsc Shires-laced
a1000 a1200 a2000 a4000 a500 tested to work

only thing it will not pass 31khz video like 14khz to 17khz only input.

also i have used the $4 hdmi to vga dongles and hdmi to dvi cables and output to standard vga monitors with 4:3 ratio.
and no noticable blurring or pixel studder like the gbs8200.

Yeah thats the one I thought you were talking about. Haven't purchased one yet, but it looks like I will. So the ghosting or motion blur is not too bad on this unit? Looks like a winner.

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